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Black Kite and Gyrfalcon on Lewis

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Black Kite and Gyrfalcon on Lewis

Post by BrianR » 28 Apr 2016, 09:29

News via Tony: Andy Carroll and Gus Mcnab found a Black Kite around a small conifer wood about about a quarter of a mile south of the Leurbost Medical Centre (Map Reference NB 348265 and near the A859 just south of where joined by the A858 from Carloway and some 7 miles from Stornoway). Andy and Gus only had poor views in the late afternoon on Monday but much better around the same time the next day when its identification was confirmed. Yesterday Gus saw it over the wood around 15.30 hours and Tony obtained a number of photos (some attached) around 17.00 hours. It is thought that the bird is perhaps roosting in the wood.

This would appear to be only the 4th record for the Outer Hebrides. The first was on North Rona in late June 1976, followed by one around the Stornoway landfill site for several days in early May 2002 and one was photographed over South Glendale, South Uist on 11th September 2013.

A white morph Gyrfalcon was seen by visitors on Sunday afternoon near Borve quite close to the road feeding on a Greylag Goose. Unfortunately by time they turned their vehicle around it had flown off. Tony has been looking hard for it since but there have been no further sightings so far. It is possible that it was the same as the much admired Uist bird, last seen here over two weeks ago, that is making a leisurely return north.

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Re: Black Kite and Gyrfalcon on Lewis

Post by AndrewS » 28 Apr 2016, 22:54

There was a wryneck in my garden today at Bornish. They are scarce visitor mostly in the autumn with only 4-5 spring records and it may be the earliest ever - one was on St Kilda on 30 April 1984. Quite what it made of the snow I don't know.

cheers, Andrew

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