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Lapland Buntings

Posted: 18 Sep 2016, 11:23
by BrianR
Lapland Buntings have continued to arrive in the last few days being seen at a number of places. Highest numbers (14/15) have been at the Butt of Lewis and at Balranald NR.
Also attached is a photo of a Corn Bunting with food for young taken recently.

Re: Lapland Buntings

Posted: 26 Sep 2016, 21:08
by BrianR
Good numbers of Lapland Buntings continue to pass through Balranald NR. Difficult to get any accurate counts but probably double-figures present on recent visits.
Also the Crane is still around - likes the stubble on the west side of Loch Paible although today spent some time among the gulls at the loch itself.

Also maybe of interest Colin Newton is most concerned that he has recently found a Mallard with Sarcocystosis (Rice Breast disease). This is caused by the parisite sarcocystis spp and this disease seems to be on the rise in the UK. Apparently it is relatively common in dabbling ducks in the USA. According to the UK Wildfowl Sarcocystis Survey website ( the parisite has a relatively complex life cycle using birds as an intermediate host and carnivores as the end host. Help is required in monitoring this and there is a form aimed of course mainly for wildfowlers.

Re: Lapland Buntings

Posted: 26 Sep 2016, 21:41
by MisterT
There are also decent numbers of Lapland Bunting to be found here on South Uist with 7 today at Frobost and a minimum of 4 at Bornish and a further 12 on Askernish machair yesterday.

Curlew Sandpiper are still present on the beach at Daliburgh and a possible European White-fronted Goose (A a albifrons) is on the machair.

Re: Lapland Buntings

Posted: 01 Oct 2016, 20:01
by AndrewS
Around 100 Lapland bunting on the machair at Eochar/Ardivachar today.

Also a buff-breasted sandpiper on the Range and a crane on the west side of Loch Bee.

cheers, Andrew