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Eastern kingbird Barra

Posted: 29 Sep 2016, 22:56
by Bruce
Clive Saunders found Britain's first Eastern Kingbird near the graveyard at Eoligarry, Barra this afternoon. It showed very well until dusk when it appeared to go to roost in nearby conifers. Also today a juvenile American golden plover on the beach at Cleat, and a
DSCN9210 (3).JPG
barred warbler and common rosefinch were at Glen.

Re: Eastern kingbird Barra

Posted: 02 Oct 2016, 11:47
by AndrewS
Refound at Bornish this morning - though in a neighbours garden not mine!

cheers, Andrew

Re: Eastern kingbird Barra

Posted: 02 Oct 2016, 21:44
by BrianR
There have been some remarkable instances of rarities being refound some way from the first sighting but no one seriously thought this would be one of them. Two days previously a friend, Adrian Kettle from Essex, was watching the bird at Eoligarry during the afternoon when it suddenly took off and was watched until out of sight heading towards South Uist. Everyone thought that was that but as Andrew mentions it was in a neighbour's garden this morning. What he didn't say was that Miranda having noticed it and realising it was something different looked it up and identified it as a Kingbird without knowing anything about the Barra sighting. Several birders (including Adrian) who had seen it on Barra were present today. From the photos looking in the North American Bird Guide the brown mixed into upperparts appear to indicate the bird is a juvenile.
Wrong shutter speed!

Re: Eastern kingbird Barra

Posted: 02 Oct 2016, 21:54
by AndrewS
Indeed Brian. It was a quick post earlier today but Miranda's opening words when she phoned at breakfast time were I've got a kingbird in the garden. Only during the conversation did it become clear she knew nothing about the Barra sighting. She's pretty certain it wasn't in the garden yesterday and must have come in late to roost at some point.

Unfortunately it disappeared mid afternoon and appears to have moved on, much like it did mid afternoon on Fri when it suddenly flew off high north from Eoligarry.

cheers, Andrew