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Hoopoe at the Butt of Lewis

Posted: 07 Oct 2016, 16:18
by BrianR
A Hoopoe was found by Tristan at the Butt of Lewis 'present 12.30 until we left at 13.30 approx. Last seen about 1 km SW of the lighthouse, just inland from the bay south of the headland (Cunndal), NB513657 approx.' Photos attached are by Tony.

Hoopoes have turned up on the Outer Hebrides from late March to May, once in mid-July and in September/October. A couple of records at this time of the year were birds on North Uist from early October to the third week of November 2004 and for over a week on Lewis in October 2009. There may have been records since 2013 that I haven't heard about.