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Waxwings at Port of Ness

Posted: 22 Oct 2016, 20:15
by BrianR
News from Tony: 'in the afternoon of the 20th seven Waxwings were feeding on dog rose berries in bushes in gardens by the road down to the harbour (at 18.00 hours they appeared to go to roost near the Harbour View Gallery). There was clearly an arrival in the afternoon as also six (five ♂) Blackcaps were seen. In the morning in Port of Ness gardens were a Yellow-browed Warbler (probably the bird of the previous day), two Goldcrests, eight Bramblings (six on 19th) and a Grey Wagtail (only my second in Ness).'

'On the 18th in the Port of Ness - Skigersta area there were two ♂ Blackcaps, a Lesser Whitethroat and at 18.10 hours a flock of 26 Whooper Swans passed southwards down the coast.'
Waxwing - Tony Marr

Re: Waxwings at Port of Ness

Posted: 24 Oct 2016, 14:33
by Stuart Taylor
This morning I got brief although good views of a bird in the garden opposite Gerts house at Clachan, North Uist.Seen in silohette but I could still see the diagnostic crest sticking up on the head.

Re: Waxwings at Port of Ness

Posted: 28 Oct 2016, 21:37
by BrianR
Bob Weymss reports Waxwings at Stornoway (Willowglen Road). There were 14 on the 26th and two today.