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American Coot on North Uist

Posted: 11 Nov 2016, 18:06
by BrianR
An American Coot was discovered by Steve Duffield on Loch nam Feithean this morning. Up to six (an unusual number for North Uist) of (Eurasian) Coots have been here recently and maybe the American Coot has been overlooked by less sharp-eyed observers. The date is similar to the 2014 bird at the same location (16th November) that stayed to the 3rd April 2015 - perhaps this is the returning bird? A couple of photos attached - the dark bill tip and lack of wedge in front of eye can just be made out in the first while the white sides to undertail-coverts can be seen on the other photo on the middle bird. This feature was very conspicuous at one time when the bird was alarmed when harrassed by a Great Black-backed Gull. Unfortunately I didn't manage to capture this.