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Power Line Bird Strikes

Posted: 01 Dec 2014, 17:01
by Matt T
The RSPB has been contacted by the power company at Loch Carnan regarding a number of bird strikes, which as well as killing the birds also causes a power shortage. In an attempt to reduce the number of deaths and power cuts they may be able to replace or relocate a number of flight diverters/deflectors on the power lines.

This is a good opportunity for us all to work together to try and do a little more to help our wildlife.

Stuart Taylor is asking that if anyone has any data of bird strikes within recent times to please let him know details. If you have any records, ideally of dates, species, number of birds and most importantly approximate grid reference, can you please sent it to him by mid-day of Friday December 5th 2014. If you only have part of the requested data please still send it in and we can get a picture of the worst affected areas.

There will probably be a limited number of flight deflectors/diverters available and these shall be concentrated in the worst affected areas.

Many thanks,
(on behalf of) Stuart Taylor.