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Moth Night 2016

Posted: 20 Apr 2016, 14:35
by Curracag Admin
This year the Moth Night event, organised by Atropos and Butterfly Conservation, will run from 9th to 11th June.

The theme for this year is Hawk-moths.

For more information see the Moth Night web site at

Re: Moth Night 2016

Posted: 20 Apr 2016, 14:50
by YvonneB
I'm hoping to run the moth trap here in Askernish for at least some of those nights, obviously it will be weather dependant, but if anyone would be interested in popping around and going through the trap with me to see what moths I have they would be more than welcome.

I'll post again nearer the time when I have more of an idea about what the weather conditions will be like for trapping - it may be short notice!

Re: Moth Night 2016

Posted: 04 Jun 2016, 18:18
by YvonneB
As of today (Saturday 4th June) the weather forecast is looking pretty good for getting the trap out on the National Moth Nights (9/10/11 June). So, potentially, anyone interested would be able to pop around to see the trap being emptied at 9am on the morning following the trap being out (so that'll be the mornings of 10/11/12 June). I'll get the traps in at the usual time of 3:50 to 4am but won't sort through them until 9am - so don't get knocking at my door at 4:15am because i'll be back in my bed!! :lol:

If the weather is due to be suitable for trapping i'll post on here the night before to give advanced notice. We already had our first Hawk-moths (the theme of this years NMN) in the trap this morning 8-)

So, really, it's watch this space and i'll post again Thursday night, 9th June to confirm that i've put the traps out.

Re: Moth Night 2016

Posted: 10 Jun 2016, 20:33
by YvonneB
This post is just to confirm that the traps are out overnight tonight (Friday 10th June). It is a calm, mild night with good cloud cover and two traps are out - a Robinson 125W MV in my garden and a trap with a 15W Actinic in a neighbour's garden. It is currently drizzling and this is set to continue overnight but the traps are set up under umbrellas. There are millions of midgies currently out there so if it's the same in the morning you may need some repellant!

I will be opening the traps at 10.30am in the morning (Saturday 11th June) if anyone would like to pop around to help/have a look you will be more than welcome. for those of you that don't know where I live the grid reference is NF738236 - Askernish, South Uist. As you head down the road towards the golf course you will see the blue Hebridean Imaging sign on my fence.

When I last had the trap out, 2 nights ago, I had 9 Poplar Hawk-moths.

:lol: Don't expect me to know everything - i'm not an expert, just an enthusiastic amateur but looking and learning is half the fun!

Re: Moth Night 2016

Posted: 11 Jun 2016, 22:43
by YvonneB
A fabulous selection of moths for National Moth Night 2016, we had a total of three traps out:-

Robinson 125W MV in our garden
Midi Robinson with 15W Actinic in a neighbours garden
plus Bill next door had his trap out

The weather was almost perfect mothing weather - warm, windless and full cloud cover. It was drizzling when the traps were set but we took the precaution of sheltering the traps under a fishing umbrella in the garden and a makeshift bivvy in the neighbours garden. Thankfully by morning the thousands of midgies had disappeared - until Bill opened his trap and let a few hundred out anyway :lol:

In our garden alone we had 162 moths of 40 species, including an amazing 27 Poplar Hawk-moths! First for the year for this location were: True Lover's Know, Angle Shades, Map-winged Swift, Cinnabar and a really lovely Silver Hook.

Not much from the neighbour's garden - 11 moths of 8 species.

the trap in Bill's garden held 30 moths of 18 species, possibly 31 moths of 19 species, we are just awaiting confirmation of one of them.

It was great that John K was able to come along to the trap opening, his id skills and knowledge were much appreciated, particularly with the micro moths of which there were more species than usual.
Just a few of the 32 Poplar Hawk-moths from three gardens