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Infraction proceedings coming to an island near you soon?!

News about wildlife-related events in the Outer Hebrides.
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Matt T
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Infraction proceedings coming to an island near you soon?!

Post by Matt T » 24 May 2013, 10:25

Disturbing news this morning.

The Comhairle nan Eilean Siar Strategic Plan has been brought to my attention, within which Strategic Objective 6.1.3 (page 10) worryingly states:

Actively resist any form of additional nature conservation designation.” And

Liaise with Government and other interested parties to identify methodologies to reduce the present extent of nature conservation designation.

Curious about the remit and status of this document I went on the CnES website, but it’s not easy to find! It’s tucked away here as an appendix to a report to the Full Council by the Chief Executive on Departmental Business Plans for 2013/14:

Or you can link to the document directly here (also attached): ... 20Plan.pdf

The document explains to Members the new strategic framework for the business plans, which are now more closely aligned to the Single Outcome Agreement (SOA – what CnES agrees to do in return for money from Scottish Government to deliver its National Outcomes, or in the words of CnES “priorities which will focus the delivery of better outcomes”) and the Corporate Strategy.

No Minutes.

No Decision Reports.

What to make of it? Is this democracy in action? Is European legislation to be simply put aside? "Reduce the present extent of nature conservation designation"? Infraction proceedings could very well be coming to an island near you soon!
Appendix 1 Strategic Framework Plan.pdf
In case you can't find this cryptic document...
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Matt Topsfield
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Re: Infraction proceedings coming to an island near you soon

Post by BrianR » 28 May 2013, 21:05

There was an interesting article by Chris Packham in the Guardian for 24th 'Britain's paradise has been lost - but there's still hope for our wildlife'. At the end he mentions that Natural England have recently granted a licence to destroy Buzzard nests and eggs in order to protect Pheasants. Incredible when 38 million are bred annually. Entirely agree with his last words 'I think we have a tough job on our hands'.

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Re: Infraction proceedings coming to an island near you soon

Post by christinej » 02 Jun 2013, 10:20

We had hoped that there would have been a greater response to post as the potential impact for the future conservation of the habitats and wildlife of the islands is serious.
Such policy statements clearly demonstrate a philosophy that is business and development biased and shows a complete lack of understanding of the economic, cultural and environmental importance of our natural heritage.
Section 6 of the Strategic Plan is allegedly about balancing economic and environmental development, but the CnES seem to have forgotten their statutory responsibilities when it comes to biodiversity and conservation.
We will be raising these issues with local elected representatives and also our MSPs and I hope that other members of Curracag will do the same.

Chris & Christine Johnson

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